Wedding Invitations Template For Word Online

Weddings are a special celebration of two people joining together, where families and friends also gather to celebrate the occasion with them. A big and momentous occasion such as this requires plenty of preparations, from the wedding budget, food, decor, entourage, seating arrangements, and the ceremony itself. It can very easily cause a lot of stress for the bride and groom.


To help lessen the burden and start their wedding preparations on the right track, the Wedding Invitations Template for Word Online provides an easy and affordable invitations solution. This wedding invitations template is elegant, easy to customize, and printer-friendly so the organizers or the bride and groom themselves, can create invitations right from their home.

This template is an elegant black and white invitation that is accented by deep red. The design is classic, with damask or brocade design that is perfect for many wedding themes. It also has serif fonts that are equally elegant.

You can print two standard-sized invitations in one letter-sized page. It is also designed to work with Avery 5889 card stock and other similar cards.


To customize the invitation template, simply follow the text placeholders and type in the indicated information, such as Bride’s Name, Groom’s Name, Date of the Wedding, Time, Venue, City, and State. The template is easy to complete and customize with your own information, which saves you a lot of time so you can concentrate on other things in your wedding preparations.

In addition, the fact that you can do it yourself and print it even right at home saves you a lot of money as well so you can spend more on making the actual day even more special.


The template is easily accessible on any mobile device because it is in Word Online. Simply log in with your Microsoft Live or OneDrive account to access and modify the template. Being cloud based also makes it easier to share invitations with your family members and friends so you have the option of not sending them paper invitations, which is earth-friendly and economical as well.

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