Wedding Budget Template for Excel

Last updated on May 5th, 2024

A wedding is a very special moment in the life of almost every couple in love. Thoughts of weddings bring about good cheer and a string of happy congratulations to the soon-to-be-husband and wife. However, with weddings may come overwhelming emotions and stress as well. There are so many things to think of: preparations, guests, themes, dresses, and of course—the wedding budget.


The Wedding Budget Template for Excel is a free Excel budget template that takes a little of the burden off wedding preparations.  

The Wedding Budget Template allows you to plan the budget for your wedding and then track the actual expenses against your estimates. This makes sure you are careful about every item of expense and are spending within the budget that you have set.


A pie chart in the Wedding Budget Template for Excel also lets you know how much of your total budget each expense category is taking. The categories of the Wedding Budget Template are Apparel, Decoration, Flowers, Reception, Music/Entertainment, Printing/Stationery, Photography, Gifts, Travel/Transportation, and Other Expenses.

Each category has a detailed list of expense items that are needed for the wedding. You can also easily edit each of the categories and items in the Wedding Budget Template to tailor to your own wedding needs.


The Wedding Budget Template for Excel can let you track whether you are overspending or keeping within budget. The Excel budget template has arrows corresponding to each category item that would easily show you which items are over or under budget.

The Wedding Budget Template for Excel is designed simply and elegantly for easy viewing and updating. The budget template is designed to match with the Deco Design Set that also includes Wedding Invitations (one at 5 x 7 inches dimensions and the other at 4 x 6 inches dimensions).

You can download the Wedding Budget Template for Excel at

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