Word Map Infographic Templates For PowerPoint

Whether in school, at work or for your organization, you know there will be times that you would need to create presentations with a global scope. Especially with the world of digital communications and social media, it is very easy for people to connect with each other even if they are from opposite parts of the globe.

To help you create a beautiful, professional-looking world map for your presentations, you can use these World Map Infographic Templates for PowerPoint.


Map Pins Infographic Template for PowerPoint

The Map Pins Infographic Template for PowerPoint is a beautiful, elegant, and modern looking template that shows a world map in different shades of blue and teal. It features a clean layout without any country names so you can create the labels yourself using the readily made pins.

Much like an actual map and pins, this template will allow you to pinpoint areas in the map like cities or countries in the world, using multi-colored pins. You can change the colors of the pins and the world map itself to match an existing presentation. You can also use this template as a standalone slide, infographic, or a poster.

This template can be used for presenting your company’s network or branches. It can also be used for creating your travel plans and goals.

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Map Pins View Theme Infographic Template

If you have a different look in mind for your world map poster or presentation, you can use this Map Pins View Theme Infographic Template, which features a dark-colored world map background. This design allows you to highlight your pins, which are in contrast with its light colors.


This template is perfect for highlighting specific areas in the map. This template is useful for many business, organizational, academic, or personal templates. You can also print it out to serve as your guide for your personal travel goals, or even for studying the different countries of the world.

In addition, this template is great for business because you can pinpoint potential locations across the world for your business or investments, among other things.

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