Understand The Audience: Key To Delivering A Stunning Presentation

When was the last time you heard someone give a speech that made the hair on the back of your neck stand? The last time someone moved you to the extent of tears or elevated your mood in a state of euphoria? If you can’t seem to remember it then this is just what you need to read.

If you have been giving speeches for a really long time and even though have been a great speaker and people have appreciated you, you just haven’t been able to hit the spot. There is obviously something that is clearly missing somewhere. Even though you are doing your research well, writing an impeccable speech and delivering it with great valor and confidence you are still missing out on one and perhaps the most important detail, your audience.

understand your audience

If you know your audience and I mean, do your research on them you will realize and understand that you might actually be dealing with an audience that may be looking at you but not understanding a word you say. The kind of audience that you are catering to is an essential that should be kept in mind before you go ahead and write that speech, if they don’t understand what you are saying then you might as well be selling them an idea that could be brilliant but useless.

It is very important for you to know what the people like and dislike on a general level, for instance, humor works well with almost everyone. What you can also do is make sure you are not going to make them uncomfortable by talking in a way that they do not understand, for example, using a big technical jargon in your speech that will make them feel awkward and in turn stop listening to you.

A speech is about communicating your ideas to people in a way that is easy to comprehend and imbibe, if you are going to exhibit your speech and use fancy words it isn’t going to help, being plainspoken and yet making an impression is more possible than flaunting up your speech and not getting the message across at all.

The most important thing that will work for you to build a relationship with the audience is basing and building your speech on a grand theme that has an emotional appeal. Nothing works better for people than to hear stories of love, struggle and triumph. If you are able to make a speech that is emotional and yet it doesn’t over power the message in anyway what so ever then you are sure to deliver a hit!

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