Create Better Presentations using Creative Ideas

Last updated on September 4th, 2023

Using creative ideas for PowerPoint is a good approach to create better presentations and keep your audience sit up and listening. One of your goals if you want to create effective presentations is to get the audience attention all the time and avoid boring presentations.

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Create Better Presentations using Creative Ideas

A good sign for this is to see the audience and measure how many people are using their smartphones or laptops while you are speaking. Besides many geeks and nerds use to send tweets during a presentation (thing that I can’t understand why) others may use electronic devices when they are bored.

  • Use catchy images and slides instead of full paragraphs and bullet points
  • Use metaphor in PowerPoint (e.g. an iceberg template to represent visible and hidden information)
  • Use quotations and cite the authors
  • Use representative charts
  • Make an exercise for your audience
  • Make a demonstration
  • Ask for collaboration, generate interaction between the audience

These ideas might be helpful when you need to keep your audience paying attention. Use fresh ideas if you want to keep your audience sit up and listening. And you can download fresh PowerPoint templates from this website if you need PPT themes and backgrounds.