SmartArt Photo Diagram Maker Template For PowerPoint

Using SmartArt is a fun way of livening up any presentation. You can use SmartArt to create diagrams, tell stories, or describe a rather complicated process. SmartArt allows you to display huge amounts of data through shapes and pictures without using a lot of slides that tend to bore the audience.

Beautiful SmartArt Graphic with Callout Text and Magnified Images

Pinpoint Objects in a Photo

The SmartArt Photo Diagram Maker Template for PowerPoint is one of the many useful SmartArt templates that you can use to make your presentation more interesting and highly informative at the same time. With this Diagram Maker Template, you can use callout text to pinpoint areas or objects in a picture and elaborate on each one of them.

This PowerPoint Template contains a set of sample photos of the woodlands, with callout SmartArt picking out objects within the photo, magnifying them, and elaborating on each of these objects. There are three callout photos that you can use to label and describe the items within the main picture.

Use This Template for Many Types of Presentations

Easily Customizable

This presentation template is professionally designed to provide a way for you to describe various items or objects within a photo. With the use of a sample photo, you can be guided with what to do on the sample slide. Meanwhile, you can still customize this by using your own photos. Simply follow the instructions written on the Notes Pane of the PowerPoint Template in order to reproduce the effect and graphics.

This SmartArt Photo Diagram with callout text can be used to tackle photos, artwork, paintings, and other important images, wherein you need to discuss the object, angles, or elements of the image to your audience. With the callout text and SmartArt, you can easily pick out what you need to elaborate on from your photo and further discuss it with your audience.

Easy to Follow Instructions on Reproducing the Template

This template can be used for topics on landscapes, art, photography, and even biology, botany, agriculture, etc.


This SmartArt Photo Diagram template is no longer available, you can download an alternative template via the link below.

Go to Download SmartArt Photo Diagram Maker Template for PowerPoint

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