Traffic Signs & Road Templates for PowerPoint Presentations

The traffic signs and street or road metaphors are widely used in business presentations for different purposes, for example you can use the traffic lights with red, yellow and green colors as a metaphor for different business decisions. Here we will introduce you some nice traffic and road templates that you can download to make stunning and unique PowerPoint presentations, business dashboards as well as presentations in general.

road template powerpoint

This is an animated car PowerPoint template traveling along the road of a small grassy world with signs that read GOAL AHEAD and SUCCESS. Definitely this is an example of PowerPoint template that you can use for success presentations and define the strategy plan or goals within an organization. This kind of animations can really enhance your business presentations and delight your audience with stunning and high quality video.

road powerpoint template design

This is great for automobile industry presentations but also for any other industry in particular, for example you can use this as a goal or success PowerPoint slide for consumer market presentations or even for industrial PowerPoint presentations with a compact car or as a metaphor of journey and strategy road in a global world with the car on the pavement or asphalt and grass ground around.

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Download Traffic Signs, Cliparts and other Road Templates for PowerPoint

Alternatively if you need traffic light symbols for your presentations you can get these other templates and cliparts. For example this road sign with a extremely winding road symbol using the diamond sign and a yellow background. For example if you need to show a direction that is difficult or confusing after a decision process. Other presentations on confusing topics and information can use this twist turn image with sign direction.

confusion powerpoint template

Street Sign Direction PowerPoint Template

Alternatively, the street sign direction PowerPoint template can be used when you need to show different directions and strategy or goals, including success, innovation, leadership and victory.

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