Car Buy vs Lease Calculator For Excel

Make an Informed and Wise Decision for Buying or Leasing a Car

If you are in the market for a new car or vehicle, then you should know that there are many things to consider to ensure that you are investing in the right vehicle and that you are making a wise financial decision. While in the process of choosing a car, you may even be on …

Free Gas Mileage Tracker For Excel Online

Keep Track of Your Gas Mileage Using This Excel Online Template

With gas prices going up and staying up, it pays to be practical with your spending, and especially save on gas whenever you can. Many suggest carpools or planning your trips beforehand so you can save and stay within your budget. Another trick is to keep tabs on your gas mileage and know how much …

Calculate Mileage And Fuel Expenses With Vehicle Log Book For Excel

Log your Vehicle Expenses and Other Details

Whether or not the economy is undergoing difficult times, it is still important to find ways to save money and resources in any activity you get into. For example, you can save on fuel by taking public transportation instead, or getting into carpools. You can also save a lot on fuel by planning your trip …

Free Vehicle Bill Of Sale Template For Word

Document on Sale of Vehicle

For those in the used car business, and even those who are in the car dealership industry, this Free Vehicle Bill of Sale Template for Word is a useful template. You can use this to document the sale and transfer of a vehicle to the buyer.

Traffic Signs & Road Templates for PowerPoint Presentations

The traffic signs and street or road metaphors are widely used in business presentations for different purposes, for example you can use the traffic lights with red, yellow and green colors as a metaphor for different business decisions. Here we will introduce you some nice traffic and road templates that you can download to make …