Track Your Progress To Achieve Any Goal With Lift For iPhone

Lift is a free iPhone app which is meant to help users create and track their plans to achieve consistency and success. One of the biggest reasons why many people leave activities like exercise is because of boredom, lack of incentive and the inability to track their progress. Having stats which show you how much you might have achieved might change your way of thinking as you will have the ability to determine how close you might be towards achieving your goals. Lift can be used to divide your activities in three easy steps; identify your goals, track them and learn about your progress.

Lift For iPhone

Identify Your Goals And Track Your Habits

The first step for using Lift is to identify and add your desired habits and goals which you may be willing to integrate in your life. This may include anything from losing weight by regularly exercising, drinking more water, taking your medicines on time to making those laborious PowerPoint presentations on time for your boss. When adding your goals or habits, make sure that you specify the dates on which you wish to perform them. You can also search and add habits from popular, easy, supportive and trending topics. The given options may be useful in allowing you to identify some good habits to get started with.

Add Habits

Get Reports For Your Progress Overtime

When you perform a specific task , make sure that you tap the checkbox for the habit in Lift to record that activity for the specific day. You can also add additional notes, however tracking simply requires you to tap a button to record the progress for your activities and help you determine how close you may be to achieving your goals. For example, regular exercise might lead to weight loss, whereas doing other types of required tasks might start showing results over a period of time, (how about cleaning your room every now and then!).

Progress Report

Lift has been optimized for iPhone 5 devices and also works with other iDevices like iPad and iPod touch. While currently the app is only available for iDevices, the developer has stated that a web version of the app will become available soon.

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