Personify: Deliver Online Presentations As If You Are Really There

Over the years presentations have extended their functionality from the real world to the virtual world. This means that people are increasingly focusing on virtual presentations that can be delivered via the internet, either real-time or in recorded format. However, an online presentation can often be deprived of the necessary body language and persuasive gestures which can leave a positive impact on the audience. Personify is a web service which aims to bridge this gap by providing a platform for recording and sharing presentations with a video of the presenter. It has many integrated features which allow instantly displaying anything from your PowerPoint Presentations to images, documents and even Prezis in online meetings and presentation sessions. Personify gives the audience a chance to listen to your point of view via the internet as if you are really there.


Personify Application And Reserve Meeting Feature

Personify is a paid service but also offers a 30-day trial version. Once you are logged in to your account you can download the Personify Live application and also schedule meetings using the Reserve Meeting option. In case of the latter you can simply start by adding a meeting title and share the given URL with others to invite them to a live meeting. Since Personify is quite an elaborate service, you can learn about the various features by checking out the given tutorials at the developer’s website. These tutorials cover all major topics that can help you create, upload and share presentations using Personify.

Personify Features

Using The Personify Live Desktop Application

Before using the Personify application make sure that you have the following:

  • You should be running either Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Have downloaded and installed the  Personify Live desktop app
  • Have plugged in a supported depth camera such as Microsoft Kinect

Once the above mentioned requirements have been fulfilled, you can begin creating your presentations.

Personify Live App

Use Personify With Popular Services, Record Your Persona or Stream Live Presentations in HD

When you launch the Personify Live Desktop app, it will present you with 3 basic features. You can either use it with a popular application/service like Webex, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Lync or Adobe Connect, Record and Upload your presentation or stream your presentation Live in HD.

Personify Options

Record Presentations Using Custom Background And Effects For Your Persona

When recording, streaming or using Personify with another service/app you can adjust yourself against a preferred background and give custom effects to your persona. The above screenshot displays a small widget which appears next to the Personify Live desktop app which can be used for adjusting basic settings (e.g. microphone settings) and you can also adjust the background lighting or add effects from the options from this widget. In case you are recording presentations, use the Upload button after you are done to save the presentation to your Personify account.

Record Presentations Using Custom Background

Support For Prezi And PowerPoint Presentations With Mobile Remotes

Personify supports presentations using a wide range of applications since you can present anything from your desktop and selected background. This includes the ability to present presentations using platforms like Microsoft PowerPoint and Prezi. You can also instantly begin a conference call and use Skype audio. Personify also has mobile apps for iOS and Android devices which can help you control your presentations by turning your phone into a presentation remote control.

Personify Mobile Remote

Personify Introductory Video

To get an overview of the various features and utility of this service, see the video given below.

Personify has various packages with a starting price of $19.99/month. For more details about features, pricing and the trial version of Personify, refer to the link given below.

Go to Personify

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