ScrollShow: Panoramic Presentation Editor For iPad

Scrollshow is a presentation editing app for iPad which has been designed for creating panoramic presentations. With Scroolshow you can create presentations in the form of timelines, infographics, abstract videos and the like. Unlike Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote, this app provides a unique way of creating your presentations using nothing more than your iPad. While there has been much debate about the ability of desktop computers VS Tablets, it can be argued that apps like Scrollshow make mobile devices like tablets all the more worth using, as easy to use apps like Scrollshow are even hard to find for desktop operating systems.

Create Stunning Panoramic Presentations To Amaze Your Audience

Scrollshow allows creating panoramic presentations using various scrolling speeds and the parallax effect. This effect is used in various games using a 2.5 dimension perspective. In order to create panoramic presentations, all you have to do is to arrange your pictures, graphics and text according to 4 speed groups to present your ideas from a visual perspective that is likely to amaze your audience.

Panoramic Presentations

Scrollshow Presentation Options

To begin creating your presentations, select a theme, add content (e.g. photos, shapes and text), arrange your added objects (via drag and drop), configure the given speed options and activate the paging mode. You can even add photos from the photo app and instantly begin animating them by using speed groups. Objects can be easily arranged and rotated using touch gestures and advanced objects controls provide features like auto-zoom, shaking or shadow and reverse speed.

Select Theme

Create Presentations With Photos, Text And Shapes

Scrollshow is quite useful for using photos, creating animated graphics, presenting project timelines, creating product demonstrations and even for using your personal photos to give them a look that will make your memories come alive.

Edit Presentations

Display Presentations Using Airplay or Share Them Via Email

Your presentations can be displayed using the Fullscreen mode or via Airplay mirror mode. You can also export presentations via email to send them to others.

Scrollshow Presentation

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Scrollshow Introductory Video

For an overview of how you can benefit from Scrollshow, see the developer’s video given below.

Scrollshow costs $4.99 and works only with iPad devices running iOS version 5.0 or above.

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