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In this age of bite-sized content and lightning-fast social media, every marketer has to deal not just with getting their message across to their specific audience, but also rising above the noise to get noticed. Today, with many things vying even for a short nugget of attention of an easily distracted audience, it’s important to not just be heard but to also make a lasting impression. This makes the need for marketing automation software essential for many businesses.

While there are many apps and programs that can help marketers make the most of their content and message, it helps to find the ones that will make things so much easier for you. It’s also easy to lose yourself and your message in the apps, so if you want to make things easier, smoother, and much more seamless, you may want to try TOTUS.


What is TOTUS?

TOTUS is a web-based marketing tool that allows you to centralize all your marketing assets. All your customer data can be found in one place, along with your distribution channels, marketing materials, and vendors, to name a few. It’s your powerful and robust, marketing dashboard that allows you to do much more.

For one, TOTUS can integrate with any system you already have, such as CRM, POS, or any other tool, so your customer information can be found in one place. In this data-driven world, your marketing efforts are only as good as your data, so it greatly helps to have all your data right within arm’s reach. This said, you can use all your customer information to easily and more effectively come up with better marketing campaigns.

From social media ads to brand-centric PowePoint presentations, TOTUS can handle it all. Instead of building presentations from scratch, you can create slides that are pre-approved by one or more users. Furthermore, you can create customized PowerPoint presentations. Thus, you take the guesswork out of the equation and ensure every step in the marketing workflow complies with branding and your marketing goals.

Totus Reporting Graph

Automate Marketing Workflows and See the Difference

What’s even greater about TOTUS is that it is actually a marketing automation engine. Marketing teams, even those who are working in the same building or those remotely working across the globe, can all come together within this platform to create customized marketing campaigns.

Medium to large businesses can benefit from TOTUS as it allows them to more efficiently manage their marketing campaigns. While they have an in-house marketing team, having this tool makes this so much easier, from planning, personalizing, and distributing marketing materials.

One of its features includes customization of documents to reflect company branding. Instead of graphic designers having to craft every materials, TOTUS does it all across various documents.

Totus Campaigns

Largest Marketing Channel List to Maximize Marketing and Exposure

The platform also provides a library of all the company marketing materials, for everyone to use. This helps ensure better branding and content, as well as provides a more cohesive and brand-oriented look for your company. Furthermore, no other platform has as much list of marketing channels as TOTUS. It has the most extensive list of marketing channels, such as email, print on demand, presentations, campaigns, downloads, social media, and print or digital adbuilder, and many more. Not only that–TOTUS makes it easy to generate insights and reports so you can analyze your marketing campaigns and performances. The tool allows you to customize reports for your different reporting requirements as well.

With these features and more, you and the rest of your marketing team can better concentrate on creating the best campaigns to ring in more results and, of course, sales.

TOTUS is a premium program and you can avail of various pricing options depending on your site users. You may also request a customized program with an additional range of features that best suits your marketing goals. View their demo or download a brochure to learn more.

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