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Last updated on August 4th, 2023

When applying for a job, you should be able to impress your recruiting manager in a way that you can prove that you stand out from other applicants. This means you have to put your best foot forward, and this starts with the all-important resume. There are countless of resume templates out there, but the best are the ones that you can easily edit and customize to make it yours. The Polished Resume Template for Word is a wonderful resume template that is free and compatible with most Word versions in use today.

Polished resume Word template

Use this Polished Resume Template to Get Noticed and Be Hired

This Polished Resume Template for Word, from the term itself, looks polished and professional. The template features a one-pager, which many recruitment managers will appreciate. The last thing they want to go through is a bunch of papers stapled together, just saying that they are inexperienced. Today, managers and company owners are looking for applicants that will be an asset to the company, and that starts with saving them the time and effort to find you. You can use this simple and polished resume template for preparing for a job interview presentation.

Create a professional resume
Polished Resume Template

Get Your Dream Job with a Polished Resume

The Polished Resume Template for Word is perfect for making brief resumes with a professional look. It’s convenient and straightforward, as it provides everything that any recruitment officer needs to see only by looking at your resume, instead of flipping through many pages.

The template displays your name and even a logo (if you want to impress or show-off) at the very top of the page. Underneath is your contact information, which now typically just contains all your online account information, as well as your blog or website.

Resume template for Word 2016

The main part of the resume neatly organizes relevant information such as the Objective of your application, Skills, Experience, Education, Volunteer Experience or Leadership, and many others. You can also add your online accounts and contact information at the bottom, such as your email address, Twitter handle, phone number, and LinkedIn profile.

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