Ticket Sales Tracker Template For Excel

If you are an event organizer or a person involved in selling tickets for an event, whether it is for a concert, play, movies, or a fundraising event, then you know that one of the ways to effectively manage an event is by tracking your ticket sales. Selling tickets can be a lot of work. In can even be stressful if not done right. The Ticket Sales Tracker Template for Excel can help you organize and manage your ticket sales.

Manage a Successful Event and Keep Track of Your Ticket Sales

This Ticket Sales Tracker Template for Excel is a professionally designed worksheet template that you can use for many types of events involving the selling of tickets. You can use this ticket sales tracker for many kinds of events because of its standard and universal design.

The fact that it is in Excel Online also makes it convenient for you to access and update your sales tracker template even when you are on the go. Simply log in your Microsoft account on your browser using any mobile device and you are good to go. You can also choose to save the template to your computer and modify and update it from there.

Automatically Generate Totals and Costs to Your Ticket Sales

The template features a single worksheet that contains all your ticket sales data. You can type in your event title on the light blue-colored ticket shape, which shows the overall theme of the template. Beside this big ticket shape, you can see a list where the various pricings are displayed and broken down. You can see ticket costs for Adults, Children, Discounted Cost, and Anticipated Guest Count. This allows you to estimate how much you stand to earn in selling tickets.

The template also contains a table where you can write the names of the guests as well as the Adult and Child attendees. It can also allow you to indicate any discounted costs for the ticket.

Beautifully Designed Ticket Sales Tracker for Any Event

The template contains built-in formula and formatting that allows you to automatically generate totals and costs as you type your data, such as the Total Tickets Sold and the Total Ticket Sales.

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