Event Planning for Remote Presentations and Worldwide Conferences

Planning a remote presentations or conference where there are lot of different participants in different cities around the world can be tricky in advance if we don’t have expertise on how to plan the perfect meeting looking at all times.

We can use some business and productivity tools that can help us to plan events online and schedule meetings with participants in different timezones. Using free online tools like TimeAndDate we can schedule a meeting or Live Online Webinar by picking the city or timezone of preference

Here we can choose a name (ie Live Online Webinar or Live Webcast, Broadcast or Scheduled Maintenance) and then choose the city and timezone where you will base this date comparison. Then you can choose a date in the local time and a duration with hours and minutes.

Once you click show results, a new page will appear with a time table that will return you lot of different timezones where you can browse your city. You can notice your participants and show the result table in order to let them know what is the best time to schedule the meeting.

If you are looking for templates to be used in event planning PowerPoint presentations then maybe we can help you with lot of free schedule PowerPoint templates for free and business PPT templates that you can download for your business planning.

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