Free Fundraising Event Template for Excel 2013

If you need a spreadsheet to keep track of all your incoming donations and received charity contributions, then you can use this free donation tracker or fundraising event tracker spreadsheet. It is a free template for Excel 2013 that you can download to organize a fundraising event with this budget template. You can download and use this free budget template for fundraiser event in Excel 2013.

Free Fundraising Tracking Template for Excel

This free Excel template and spreadsheet can be used to keep track of all the amount collected and filter by name and keep track of expenses. You can setup a goal and then keep track of the total income, the expenditures and actual income. The chart generated in Excel will show your progress against your goal.

Go to Download Free Budget for Fundraiser Event Template for Excel

9 comments on “Free Fundraising Event Template for Excel 2013

  1. I downloaded your free “Free Fundraising Event Template For Excel 2013” found here and love the format. However I cannot remove the names in the lists or amounts or dates they did so that they stay removed and do not still report in the summary page. I would like to use this template but need to know how to remove the data that is in it so it ill work properly.

    1. where is the free template i keep getting pushed over to the same webpage with no download options or I get pushed over to my MS account and I cannot locate the template. I clicked on your link in your post and still nothing.

  2. How do I get he very first tab to allow me to change the names? (Event Overview). I changed the other 2 pages, but the first page will not take out the old names.

  3. I found this template and love the basics but am not familiar enough with slicers and pivot tables….I am having the same problem as Laura and Pam and can’t figure out how to change the names. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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