A Guidebook on Templates: Types, Benefits and Examples

Last updated on September 28th, 2023

Templates Guidebook - Quick guide on templates for Websites, Presentations, Email Newsletter, and more.

In our everyday business or personal life, we usually happen to develop certain types of documents, and designs for our different business, marketing, educational or personal needs.

These specific documents, if designed on a specific set pattern, will fulfill the design-based, professional and acceptable requirements of that certain activity or purpose. These types of documents that offer you a premade interface and professional design that is required for a specific activity or purpose are called templates.

What Are Templates?

These are the documents that help you to save time, energy as well as resources to design your own work. This work can be related to any type of activity whether it is for your academic needs or business, job, or marketing requirements. These templates always come in handy to provide the necessary facilitation in designing and developing certain types of documents related to various jobs and work assignments.

Benefits of Using Templates

There are many obvious reasons to use templates in your everyday work and personal life activities but for further enlightenment, here are some highlighted advantages of using templates.

1. Templates are Time-Saving

If you are using premade templates, you will not need to develop some from scratch. This will save you an enormous amount of time that can be productively used in your other everyday activities.

2. Good templates come with Enhance Flexibility

One of the most vital features of the templates is that they are flexible and easy to customize. Imagine that your boss or client has required you to make some changes to the already submitted document. In this scenario, you can easily edit the provided document as it was developed by using a template. They are easy to update whether you incorporate a technical or instructional change.

3. Vast Choices of Templates are Available in the Market

Templates are always offered in a variety of options. The websites and sources that produce them make sure that the user has a variety of options at his exposure to choose the best possible solution for his/her problems. In this way, the creativity and productivity in the final output of the user ultimately increase. The user becomes more powerful and independent in terms of designing the documents of his choice.

4. Templates can help to Speed Up Your Tasks and Be More Productive

Templates also provide you the leverage to develop and design the needed documents more readily than the individuals who need to develop their documents from scratch. This provides an added advantage to the users and the overall efficiency of various business, educational, and marketing activities increases.

5. Templates let you focus on the most important aspects

During the development of the required documents and designs, most of the time, the main part is not the design itself but the content of the document. When you focus less on designing the template yourself and divert your maximum energies towards remembering and rehearsing the needed content, your overall performance and effectiveness boost up.

6. Templates can increases accuracy, when they are used well

When you don’t indulge yourself in the technical aspects of designing the whole document by yourself from scratch, the chances of you making an error or mistake are considerably reduced. This allows you to produce error-free documents that can be further polished by extra inspection and re-checking practices.

Types of Templates

Templates are used in almost every type of document. From email templates for a newsletter or a social media design, from PowerPoint presentation templates to Mobile App templates, the applications of the various types of templates are versatile and dynamic in practice. Here are some major and prominent types of templates that are generally used in our professional, academic, and personal activities.

Presentation Templates

Presentations are used in our various academic, business, and personal activities where you have to present your arguments, ideas, information, and data to a certain audience. Different tools and software are utilized worldwide in order to develop engaging presentations for various projects. Software like Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, and Canva are most popular among the users. All of these tools and software have certain pros and cons where certain tools provide added functionalities and easy to understand and handle interfaces. For example, PowerPoint is one of the most widely used software with about 500 Million users worldwide. One of the main reasons for the popularity of PowerPoint among the masses is its easy-to-customize and design user interface that allows every potential user to develop engaging presentations without any prior training and specific instructions. The structure of the PowerPoint is more or less self-explanatory and it allows certain other benefits too that make it one of the most preferred presentation tools.

Presentation Templates Examples
Presentation Templates for PowerPoint & Google Slides

One of the most important advantages of using PowerPoint is that it supports editing, customizing, and redesigning of the premade templates. These templates are professionally designed which offers the users certain leverage on developing and designing the engaging presentations themselves. You don’t need to design any presentation from scratch now as the templates already offer your required needs and demands incorporated in a single place.

You can browse the Free PowerPoint Templates on our website and download thousands of pre-made and fresh templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides for your every foreseeable need. Each slide comes with great backgrounds for your presentation. Just download any PPT template of your choice, edit the required details and save the design. Your desired presentation is ready to be presented before an audience.

Infographic Templates

An infographic combines visual elements like images, charts, and short textual factors to give a better understanding of stated facts and data. These infographics are now widely used by businesses on social media and their content marketing strategies where they share useful information about their products and services.

Infographic Templates Examples
Infographic Templates

These infographics provide a sound basis for visual communication through which every business can benefit easily. These infographic templates can be easily downloaded from our site as well and comes available in different format, including as .pptx files for PowerPoint. You can also learn how to make your own infographics in PowerPoint here.

Website Templates

These templates are used to use and incorporate a predesigned structure and layout of any website for your personal and professional needs. Also known as Web page templates or web templates, they are provided by various websites in order to facilitate the developers and designers to utilize their maximum time in more vital activities rather than spending time on developing any website design from scratch. For example, in WordPress, the well-known content management system, there are a number of popular templates or themes available to download for designing your next amazing website. 

Website Templates Examples
Website Design Templates

WP Themes like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg & Brizy, Divi, Astra, underscores and Avada are one of the most popular themes being used by the designers for developing a wide range of websites ranging from personal websites to e-commerce stores. 

Templates are also available for popular frameworks like Bootstrap and HTML also and you can easily download them and utilize them to make the website of your dreams.

Mobile App Templates

In the era of digitalization, you can’t imagine your life without your most favorite mobile apps on your cell phone. Fortunately, professionals have developed pre-made templates for the mobile app too to save the time as well as resources of the developers to make the engaging apps for the users from the start. CodeCanyon, ThemeForest, and Invisionapp are popular websites for downloading mobile app templates.

Email Newsletter Templates

Email newsletters are used by businesses and companies to inform their subscribers consistently about the latest news and updates of the products and services of the business. Email templates are generally used in email marketing campaigns and are also called email marketing templates, too. You can download engaging newsletter templates for your next email marketing strategy. Always use 4 email authentication protocols for your email campaign for securing your email during the process. The email authentication protocols are SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and BIMI.

Email Newsletter Templates example
Email Newsletter Templates

Document Templates (templates for Microsoft Word and Google Docs)

For developing certain types of professional documents, you may need certain preset samples to get inspiration from. Normally, you develop documents on Microsoft Word (Office) and Google Docs for your various documentation needs. For that purpose, you can leverage the premade templates for Google Docs in the online tool where you can edit them and customize them according to your needs. The templates for Word documents are also already integrated into the  Microsoft Word software form where you can easily implement your desired changes and make impressive documents for yourself like a pro. A huge collection of templates for both, Google Docs and Microsoft Words, can be downloaded from free Office templates.

Spreadsheet Templates (templates for Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets)

A spreadsheet is a computer application software that is primarily used for storing, analyzing, and organizing data in tabular form. Excel And Google Sheets are examples of such types of application programs. The templates for Google Sheets or Excel mainly help to organize the data and information in a more ordered and predefined structured way to help you out in managing your everyday business activities. 

Excel Spreadsheet Templates and Google Sheets templates examples
Spreadsheet Templates

Graphic Design Templates

Graphic design templates are such templates that offer the designers an opportunity to leverage premade graphics to save their time from developing such visuals and graphics from the very beginning. They offer editable colors, texts, layers, and sizes without diminishing the quality of the image. Many websites offer free design templates for free download.

Chart And Map Templates

Charts and Maps are significant elements in business, marketing, and academic applications. They convey the concepts and ideas behind the concrete facts and figures very effectively. With the help of visual layout, they appeal to the viewers and let them digest the complex data more easily. Certain types of templates for charts and maps can be downloaded and used in your required projects. Websites can also help you to create engaging maps and charts from the already developed designs.

Templates for Digital Marketing

They are such types of native brand files that are usually developed on Photoshop and Sketch-like software and shared with the potential marketers and businesses to be used in their various business development and marketing campaigns. They can be easily edited, re-arranged, and redesigned by the users by changing the logos, colors, and backgrounds without affecting the overall brand outlook. Major design templates are Facebook templates, Twitter templates, Instagram templates, LinkedIn and Snapchat templates, etc. which are also known as social media templates.   

Printable Templates

Although the rise of technology has left a great impact on almost every domain of life yet, some forms of communication and activities are still performed through conventional means. Not all marketing campaigns are run through digital means, many of the businesses also leverage printed brochures, flyers, and posters too. T-shirts are also designed using engaging and trending designs. Job seekers normally incorporate their personal and professional activities in their Curriculum Vitae also known as CV or Resume. The resumes can also be used in soft digital form or hard printed form. The groundwork however for these printable designs is done on certain software and tools. And there are countless templates that are available for designers to save their time and energy for designing every new design from scratch. You can just visit websites like Printable Templates and search for your needed design and download it. You will be amazed by the design and visualization options you would have at your exposure.


The templates offer us an opportunity to save our time and energy for developing certain documents and designs from scratch. They are time-saving and flexible in choice. They offer a wide range of design options to the users to choose from and ensure symmetry and accuracy in the final outputs too. Different types of templates like Website templates, Presentation templates, mobile app templates, and digital templates are widely used by various businesses and marketers worldwide to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of their certain business and marketing campaigns.

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