Video Backgrounds

Thank You PowerPoint Template With Sunset Video


Whether you are closing a presentation, holding a Thanksgiving program, or simply want to thank your audience; you may consider doing it in something more elaborate. Despite your rush for time or your many other tasks, you can still find time to thank people such as your audience, employees, and guests by creating something that …

Sinking in Water Animations For PowerPoint

When it comes to showing a sense of alarm or depicting a bad situation, the concept of sinking comes to mind. You can incorporate this theme in your slides with the help of illustrations and animations to make a solid impact on your audience. Here are various sinking in water animations for PowerPoint that can …

Animated Global Energy PowerPoint Template

For presentations related to conservation, green energy, global warming and other environment related topics, one needs to have a compelling presentation template to make an impact on an audience, which is usually at risk of getting bored by environment related subject matter. The Animated Global Energy PowerPoint Template is one such template.

Animated Clouds Video Background Templates For PowerPoint

If you need templates for making presentations depicting clouds, then here are some Animated Clouds Video Background Templates for PowerPoint. These customizable video templates can be downloaded as editable PowerPoint slides or standalone videos.

Animated Earth PowerPoint Templates

Earth related imagery is often required in environmental presentations, for topics related to global clientele and sales, academic presentation topics and the like. The below Animated Earth PowerPoint Templates provide animated backgrounds, customizable slide objects and eye-catching layouts that can help you create professional presentations.

Earthscape HD Video Background Template For PowerPoint

Presenter Media has always been a great source for downloading high quality video animations. We have previously brought you a range of reviews of HD video backgrounds for PowerPoint. This time we have another finely crafted animated background which depicts planet Earth with two small globes rotating on the side, as if they were to be …

Magic Fortune Ball Video Background Template For PowerPoint

For those of you looking to reveal your important sub-topics and presentation discussion points, we have a fortune ball for you! The Magic Fortune Ball Video Background Template for PowerPoint is a customizable animation which can be used to add your own custom text and logo which can be revealed in the form of a …

Animated Storm Video Animation For PowerPoint

Do you want to discuss the stormy nature of the market, sales or your business? Stormy Waters PowerPoint Template depicts stormy water animation in the opening slide of this template, along with sample slides with a range of professional layouts.

Download Customizable Video Animations For PowerPoint By Presenter Media

You might have used PowerPoint templates with video backgrounds, however, it is quite unlikely that you have used video background templates which allow you to add your custom text and logo. Presenter Media provides a vast collection of animated templates, customizable clipart and video animations for PowerPoint.

Animated Outer Space PowerPoint Templates

Want to talk about the moon landing in your next academic presentation or present theories regarding space travel? Check out the Animated Outer Space PowerPoint Templates listed below to create presentations related to outer space using animated video backgrounds.