Multi-Colored Tint Video Background for PowerPoint

Last updated on October 17th, 2023

You should always have something unexpected when it comes to your presentation slides. This helps ensure that your presentations always look interesting and memorable for your audience. There are many ways you can do this, such as by using the video PPT template below, which is one resource that can help you make interesting slide shows.

Add text to video background

The Multi-Colored Tint Video Background for PowerPoint is a lovely template which features a video background that you can use to draw the attention of your audience to your slides and keep it there.

This Multi-Colored Tint Video Background for PowerPoint uses a video background of a bunch of calla lily flowers that rotate slowly, giving a dramatic look to the slide. The video is professionally recorded and is quite attention grabbing.

The video has a multi-colored tint overlay on the video background, which gives it an interesting touch. The video itself is unsaturated, so that the video’s elements do not clash with the tint, but instead brings the focus to the movement and the flowers themselves.


This template is perfect as a title slide. You can add title and subtitle texts on one side of the slide. It can also serve as a transition slide, subtitle slide, or as a concluding slide wherein you will start discussing the presentation and answer questions from your audience.

Just copy this slide to insert to an existing slide, or you can create your whole slideshow by adding slides straight from the template. You can also customize this template to suit your theme or presentation topic.

Add a multi-colored tint video background for PowerPoint presentations.

This video template can be saved on the cloud account such as to your OneDrive account. This way, you can easily access it anytime you need it when you’re making a presentation from any computer or from your own tablet or smartphone.

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