Man Climbing Stack Of Books PowerPoint Template

Figure Climbing Book Stack is the name of a video background template by Presenter Media which depicts a man climbing stack of books. This PowerPoint animation has two versions, including one with custom text.

Figure Climbing Book Stack Video Animation for PowerPoint with Custom Text

You can add custom text, as well as a logo for this animation by customizing the video animation from the download page. By customizing this video animation for PowerPoint, you can easily create a custom version of the default video with your own message and branding.

Figure climbing book stack video animation for PowerPoint with custom text

Once you have customized the video animation, it can be downloaded as a PPTX PowerPoint file or you can choose to download it in one of three supported video formats, as a standalone video.

Download custom text video animation

The below image gives a screenshot for the PowerPoint version of this animation. You can also add overlay text and images and duplicate this video slide to further customize it according to need. There are even default placeholders for customizing your video slide with overlay text.

Go to Presenter Media – Figure Climbing Book Stack Custom Video Animation for PowerPoint

Custom text video animation with man climbing book stack

Figure Climbing Book Stack Video Animation for PowerPoint

This is the rather simple version of the same animation, without any text marked on the books in the stack. This animation too depicts a man climbing a stack of books. There is space for overlay content, with some default placeholders for adding text. You can of course, also add your own placeholders and insert content as needed.

Go to Presenter Media – Figure Climbing Book Stack Video Animation for PowerPoint

Climbing book stack powerPoint template

Figure Climbing Large Book Stack Clipart

This is a custom text clipart where you can add text up to 20 characters before downloading a custom version of the image. Your added text will be revealed on top of the book stack. This clipart is available in static image formats like JPG and PNG in your specified resolution. The text can be added directly via the download page.

Go to Presenter Media – Figure Climbing Large Book Stack Clipart

Figure climbing large book stack clipart

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