How to Download Video Backgrounds for PowerPoint Presentations

Sometimes it can be very helpful to add a nice video background to your PowerPoint presentation to make it more realistic and delight your audience with awesome videos and animated PowerPoint presentations. By default, the PowerPoint templates in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 won’t incorporate any video or advanced animation into your slides, unless you add your own videos to the PowerPoint presentation.

video backgrounds powerpoint

However, you can create really awesome presentations in PowerPoint using the ready made video PowerPoint templates and video backgrounds provided by one of the largest PowerPoint presentation templates and clipart providers, PresenterMedia.

You can subscribe and download video backgrounds for PowerPoint presentations.

video background

All the video backgrounds for PowerPoint presentations are provided in High Quality resolution so you can use them for real presentations without compromising the presentation quality once you run the slide show. Video backgrounds come in different formats, including WML, Flash, and also embedded into PPT and PPTX.

Most of these videos, like the social network video for PowerPoint presentations, contains 3D illustrations and characters and are renders created with 3D modeling and editing software.

Learn more about video backgrounds on PresenterMedia.

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