Animated Clapboard PowerPoint Templates

A clapperboard or clapboard is used in film making and video productions to enable synchronization between video and audio. If you are looking to make presentations about movie making, films, TV shows, media or entertainment, you can use a clapboard animation to make your slides more interesting. The animated clapboard PowerPoint templates below come with video animations of clapperboards.

Hands Holding Clapboard PowerPoint Template with Custom Text

This is a video animation for PowerPoint which shows hands holding a clapboard, with space for adding your custom text. You can insert your custom text message from the download page and even add a logo or image to the animation from the given customization options.


Once, you have customized the clapboard animation, pick a format to download the animation. Other than PowerPoint, you can also download this animation as a video file in three separate formats.


Below is an image that shows the clapboard animation in action playing out as a PowerPoint slide. You can also add overlay text, images and edit the video animation from within PowerPoint to further customize it.

Go to Presenter Media – Hands Holding Clapboard PowerPoint Template

clapboard PowerPoint Templates

Hands Hold Out Clapboard PowerPoint Template with Custom Text

This is a similar animated template which gives the same options for adding custom text to the clapboard animation. The difference between this and the above mentioned animation is that the background in this template is more lively, with a park backdrop.

Go to Presenter Media – Hands Hold Out Clapboard PowerPoint Template with Custom Text


Movie Media Play Icon Animation for PowerPoint

This clapperboard animation is available as a GIF and MOV file, which you can insert in your presentations. The animation shows a shutting clapboard with a play icon that highlights as the clapboard shuts.

Go to Presenter Media – Movie Media Play Icon Animation for PowerPoint


You can download more clapboard clipart, animations and PowerPoint templates from the link below which lists down presentation resources from the clapboard archive at Presenter Media.

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