Breaking News Video Background For PowerPoint

Whether you are someone who works in electronic media or want to make a presentation with a catchy title slide; you can present your topic as a ‘Breaking News’. The word itself has a nice ring to it and a news themed slide can be a good way of instantly grabbing your audience’s attention. The Breaking News Video Background for PowerPoint is a template which enables you to make a custom copy of the animation with your own text.

Breaking news video animation with custom title

Add Custom Text to Create a Breaking News Opening Slide

At the download page, there are various text boxes for adding your own text to the video animation. The first box adds a number to the video (e.g. 7 for Channel 7), the second is meant for adding your presentation title. The remaining text boxes are meant for adding content that will be played out at the start of the video animation, which looks like a news intro, eventually revealing your presentation title.

Breaking news video background for PowerPoint

You can download this news themed video background either as a PPTX file or as the developer has instructed, as an MOV for inserting in PowerPoint for Mac. Similarly, you can also save your custom video animation as a WMV or FLV file.

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Breaking news PowerPoint template with custom text

Below is an example of the customized version of the news template that we created by adding custom text to the video background via the download page. You can also include overlay text to further describe your topic.

The animation will play as a background video when you run the slide as a Slide Show. You can also preview the embedded video within PowerPoint.

Go to Presenter Media – Breaking News Video Animation for PowerPoint

Breaking news video background

News Reporter Video Animation

This is a video animation which can be downloaded as a GIF image or in MOV video format. It depicts a reporter and cameraman in the form of stick figure characters.

Go to Presenter Media – News Reporter Video Animation

News video animation

Newscaster Clipart with Custom Text

You can add your own logo and text to design a static image, depicting a newscaster reading out the news. We added a logo and news ‘The Aliens Have Landed’ to demonstrate how you can create interesting clipart for your presentation slides. The options for adding your text and images are available at the download page.

Go to Presenter Media – Newscaster Clipart with Custom Text

Newscaster clipart

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