7+ Useful Questions & Answers PowerPoint Templates & Slides for Presentations

The climax of many presentations is not always the conclusion slide. Often, it’s the Q&A session that follows. This is where the rubber meets the road; where audiences gauge the depth of a presenter’s expertise and presenters solidify their messages. An effective Q&A slide sets the stage for this crucial interaction. Questions & Answers slides …

How To Rotate A Picture in PowerPoint

Want to rotate an image that doesn’t seem right when inserted into a slide? How about you rotate it! Rotating images is not only easy in PowerPoint but the options are also quite elaborate for formatting your image to perfection, be it for correcting its alignment or showing your audience a picture from a different …

Bring Your Videos & Slides to Life with VCASMO

VCASMO Web Service

If you think that mixing videos and slideshows together the way pros do takes a lot of time and technical knowledge, think again. The impressive videos you may see on YouTube aren’t actually that hard to emulate–thanks to VCASMO.