How to Change Margins in Google Docs and Google Slides

Last updated on October 4th, 2023

Many people upload their Word documents to Google Docs or their PowerPoint presentations to Google Slides. Since the capability of both these web apps has greatly increase over the years, many people now also use them for presenting documents and slides via large digital screens and projectors.

However, switching to the big screen can result in the files appearing a bit out of proportion. In this post we will show you how to change the margins on Google Docs and Google Slides.

How to Change Margins in Google Docs

To change margins on Google Docs, go to File menu and select Page Setup.

Change margin on Google Docs
Change margin on Google Docs

The Page Setup menu in Google Docs provides options for changing the orientation between Portrait to landscape, paper size,page color and margins.

page steup options in google docs

Using the options in Page Setup you can easily choose between a wide range of paper sizes to match your document creation or big screen requirements to adjust your document margins. Furthermore, you can also manage the margins in inches from all four directions using the menu options on the right.

select paper size

Similarly, you can change the document color to match your design requirement. In case you find the new settings out of proportion, you can always use Set as default option to reset the document.

select document color

How to Change Margins in Google Slides

Changing margins in Google Slides is the same as Google Docs, with a few subtle differences. You can start by going to File, followed by Page Setup.

Page setup for google slides
Configure Page Setup options in Google Slides

Google Slides gives four orientation options including one standard, two widescreen and one custom orientation option.

Slide orientation in Google Slides - Configure the Widescreen format in Google Slides
Configure page orientation and the Widescreen format in Google Slides

If you find the Standard 4:3 or the Widescreen 16:9 or 16:10 to be inadequate, you can switch to Custom and define a custom slide orientation to suit your needs.

Set proper margin on Google Docs by configuring the Page Setup

Using the simple method above, you can easily manage your margins in Google Docs and Google Slides for creating documents that suit your file orientation requirements and digital screens.

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