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Visualize And Analyze Your Hierarchical Data in Excel With HierView

Create Beautiful Hierarchy or Organizational Structures

Microsoft Office programs such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel have been around for so long. They’re widely recognized and used in many business and academic activities, and considered as reliable companions in creating documents, managing data, or presenting an idea. While these programs are great in themselves, add-ins are there to make things a little …

Flat Design Organization Chart For PowerPoint


Every organization has a hierarchy or chain of command to organize tasks and create accountability. This chain of command, or organizational chart, must be known to everyone, whether they are members of the organization, employees, or are about to conduct transactions with the company as a vendor or partner.

Best Methods For Creating Accurate Organizational Charts

Making an organizational chart with accuracy can be hard, especially if you have to accommodate a number of individuals to create a chart which does not overlap or appear crooked. We have compiled some handy methods which can help you create accurate organizational charts, including use of software applications and templates.

Horizontal Hierarchy Organization Chart Template For PowerPoint

Copy and Paste to an Already Existing Presentation

Any organization contains a hierarchy or level of command and responsibility. This is to ensure that all decisions are centralized, and that each role in every level corresponds to specific tasks and accountability. An organizational hierarchy, also called organizational structure, is essential in establishing the company and ensuring its smooth flow of operations.

Picture Organizational Chart Template For PowerPoint

For every company, whether big or small, a hierarchy is always present to show the levels of responsibility and various tasks or job descriptions uniquely assigned to the people that make up the organization. That is why there is always an organizational chart present in every company.

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Creative Organization Chart Ideas for Presentations

Sometimes you need to design some creative organization chart for your corporate presentations but you can’t find good ideas. This article will review some creative organization charts that we can find online with information about the company and corporate organization structure from the top CEO to the low level employees within an organization. Normally organizational …

Create Professional looking Organizational Charts With Images Using OrgPlus

Creating professionally looking board room charts aren’t easy and many applications that offer making such charts can be either hard to use or might not provide a desirable output. OrgPlus is a desktop application that has been designed to automate the creation of organizational charts. With OrgPlus you can import data from an Excel sheet …

Make Org Charts for PowerPoint Presentations with InfoRapid KnowledgeMap

Did you hear about InfoRapid KnowledgeMap, a professional knowledge and project management software? It is amongst one of the most effective complete knowledge management system suitable for drawing knowledge maps, organizational charts, decision tree and breakdown structures used to take ideas while brainstorming or generating XML files from structure diagrams. Importantly, this software can be …