Picture Organizational Chart Template For PowerPoint

For every company, whether big or small, a hierarchy is always present to show the levels of responsibility and various tasks or job descriptions uniquely assigned to the people that make up the organization. That is why there is always an organizational chart present in every company.


An organizational chart is a diagram that outlines the structure of the company. This serves as a visual representation of the roles, responsibilities, and relationships within an organization.

Organizational Chart in PowerPoint

If you are making a business or corporate presentation for your business proposal, company profile, or any other topic that needs you to show your own organizational structure, you can use this template that we are going to review in this article.

The Picture Organizational Chart Template for PowerPoint is a template that shows the pictures of the people behind your company’s structure. This professionally designed template shows the relationship of the positions of each person to another using lines that go horizontally and vertically within the template.

Company Structure template for PowerPoint

Easily Customize and Format

This Picture Organizational Chart Template is very useful for showing your organization’s structure instead of you spending hours to create one from scratch. This template already contains the structure in lines and shapes and already comes with preset photos.

You can easily change the photos by deleting them, clicking on the Picture Icon in the placeholder and choosing your own photos from your computer. You can also edit the text box to type in names and designations for your personnel.


The background is set in white, with a solid black rectangular shape across the top of the slide, which holds the header. The header is in clean texts and you can also edit this to write your own title, which is usually the name of your organization or company. As for the slide design itself, you can easily modify the colors to make it match the rest of your presentation.

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