Horizontal Hierarchy Organization Chart Template For PowerPoint

Any organization contains a hierarchy or level of command and responsibility. This is to ensure that all decisions are centralized, and that each role in every level corresponds to specific tasks and accountability. An organizational hierarchy, also called organizational structure, is essential in establishing the company and ensuring its smooth flow of operations.

The Horizontal Hierarchy Organization Chart Template for PowerPoint is a useful tool to help you as you put up your own organization, or if you want to display it for your whole company to see. This PowerPoint Online Template can be accessed through your browser using any mobile device as long as you can log in with your Microsoft account. Alternatively, you can save it to your computer.

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Horizontal Hierarchy Template for Business, School and Other Uses

Create Organizational Charts by Adding Text to Sample Chart

This organizational structure template features a multicolor design on white background, giving it a clean, professional layout. This design makes your content stand out, allowing your hierarchy to be clearly seen whether you print it or show it as a report or PowerPoint Slideshow.

Copy and Paste to an Already Existing Presentation

Create Printable Charts

The template is set in widescreen format, with the chart layout viewable horizontally, from left to right. You can arrange the hierarchy in either descending or ascending order, depending on your preference.

You can create the organizational structure by filling in the rounded rectangle shapes in the template with the name and title of each officer or position in your company. You can also further add shapes as you like by copying and pasting the shapes and completing the diagram according to your own company’s structure. Meanwhile, the colors and theme can be changed to suit your own company colors. You can also change the background, or even transfer the whole hierarchy diagram to a blank and already existing slide as part of a bigger presentation, like a business plan.

Simply Fill In the Template with the Right Details

Since this template is standard, it can be used by many types of organizations like restaurants, corporations, schools, hospitals, non-profit groups, social groups, and many more.

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