Create Professional looking Organizational Charts With Images Using OrgPlus

Creating professionally looking board room charts aren’t easy and many applications that offer making such charts can be either hard to use or might not provide a desirable output. OrgPlus is a desktop application that has been designed to automate the creation of organizational charts. With OrgPlus you can import data from an Excel sheet or even a database for easy creation of organizational charts, with complete MS Office integration. In other words, not only can you make charts from this application’s own user interface but also create charts right from Microsoft Office application such as PowerPoint.

Organizational Chart. Org Chart Software and Organizational Planning

OrgPlus comes with professionally designed templates that can be used to create board room charts. Furthermore, you can also automatically import data, add rule based information highlights to chart elements, make charts with images and icons, and publish charts to multiple formats. OrgPlus is a paid application; however you can download a 30-day trial version. The trial version allows printing and saving charts with up to 500 boxes.

Download Trial Version

Once installed, you can begin importing your user data from a file or database or see the demo to understand the process involved in importing your data to create organizational charts. You can also see a few sample charts before making your own. These include the following chart types; Reports, Vacancies, Basic, Auxiliary and Matrix, Co-Managers, Conditional Formats, Headcount, Multi-Record Boxes, Company Branding, Custom Layout, Groups, KPIs, Smart Fields and picture based charts.

Import Data

The below images display examples of how you can create diverse organizational charts using OrgPlus.

Organizational Chart With Photos


Co-Managers Chart

Co Managers

OrgPlus has a Standard (worth $195), Professional (starting at $315) and Premium (starting at $415) edition. The Professional and Premium editions provide additional functionality such as the option to publish charts in PDF and PPT format, integration with HR databases, the utility to track organizational changes, as well as the option to import data from Excel, ODBC, LDAP, Active Directory, Oracle, SQL Server and SAP. OrgPlus works with the following operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Mac OS X (using Bootcamp)

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