Make Org Charts for PowerPoint Presentations with InfoRapid KnowledgeMap

Did you hear about InfoRapid KnowledgeMap, a professional knowledge and project management software? It is amongst one of the most effective complete knowledge management system suitable for drawing knowledge maps, organizational charts, decision tree and breakdown structures used to take ideas while brainstorming or generating XML files from structure diagrams.

Importantly, this software can be used by both commercial as well as personal use or businesses. KnowledgeMap servers are similar to normal web servers, hence allowing users to check required information with the help of internet browsing. You can create awesome organization charts for PowerPoint using this tool.

Different versions of KnowledgeMaps

Private Edition

This edition is free of cost and can be used only for private or non commercial purpose.

It does not expire over time, but the images created by using this version have a small reminder of InfoRapid KnowledgeMap depicting that this image was created using the above mentioned software and is intended for advertising the product.

Professional Edition

It is being used by large companies and government organizations. Customers residing in United States can simply order the professional edition by paying 99USD following which, they will receive a CD comprising this software product. People living in other parts of the globe can order this product from Germany by paying 99 EUR.

No reminder is shown in the documents or diagrams created with the help of professional edition.

Every edition can be used only by a single person. However, special server license is needed if a company wants to use this software within their own premises over the intranet.

Only restricted number of users can access this program at a time, therefore constant check is kept on the number of users. Extra users will not get access to the usage of this program and have to wait till the system is free.

Working of InfoRapid KnowledgeMap software

As far as the working is concerned, this map contains a graphical overview of each document containing all the important text excerpts and hierarchically ordered items that are pre-structured by mindmaps.

Special content overview is being provided within this software with an aim to impart the best possible idea of the subject matter without wasting much time.

Hyperlink present on the content overview page takes the users to the next pages containing relevant information. Users can also take help from the index page listing all the documents of their interest.

In case, you find just a single document, you can simply click on “similar link” option and acquire further information about it.

Experience real success in your work by using InfoRapid KnowledgeMap software with WinWord, PowerPoint or Excel document. And This is a good alternative to other org chart and diagrams tool like eDrawsoft.