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Free Student Report Template For Word Online

Beautifully Made Student Report Template for Any Subject or Topic

Part of a student’s life is not just attending school to get information. At times, a student will also be required to impart information through reporting. A student report helps students get more in-depth information about a topic or subject they are reporting. Aside from that, a student report also allows students a chance to …

12 Month Timeline Template For Word Online

12-Month Timeline for School, Office or Personal Use

A Timeline is a visual way of displaying important events in history, or even company, family or personal milestones. A timeline chronologically lists the events as they happen throughout history, with the dates and years included. There are many beautiful ways to create timelines for school or work using timeline templates in PowerPoint. In this article, …

Word Online Template For Making Collaborative Report

Professionally Designed Collaborative Report Template

Working in a group or as a collaborative partnership with others, whether for school or at work, may have its perks and challenges. Some people like to accomplish tasks alone while others thrive in a group. Still, collaboration is unavoidable, especially in terms of project management or in reports. If you are part of a …

Free Student Paper Template For Word Online

Beautifully Designed Standard Student Paper Template for Word Online

Writing student papers, or term papers, can be very tedious, especially since every aspect of it is critical: from research to composing it to ensuring that it looks professional and well-written. There are also certain guides that you need to follow when it comes to writing these student papers, or academic literature. As a student, you …

Free Garden Planner Template For Excel Online

Gardening Inventory for Gardeners and Hobbyists

Gardening can be a worthwhile, not to mention a fruitful, hobby. Whether you have a small space or a huge backyard, you can plant herbs, fruit, vegetables, flowers, and many other plants as a way to relieve stress, beautify your space, or have organic produce and herbs readily available for cooking. For those starting out …

Grocery List and Price Comparison Template For Excel Online

Beautiful Grocery List and Price Comparison Template

Having a grocery list can ensure that you do not forget anything and make an extra, unplanned, and otherwise unnecessary trip back to the supermarket if in case you forget anything. A grocery list that comes with a budget can also help you avoid overspending. Having a grocery list therefore ensures that you have everything …

MLA Style Paper Template For Word With MLA Guidelines And Instructions

Describe Photos in Your Research in MLA Style

Just as chefs have their certain specialties, or just like how people from different places dress a certain way, writers also have their own conventions and they also follow certain styles. The MLA (Modern Language Association) Style is a method of writing research papers that fall under certain areas of Humanities, such as composition and …

Digital Brochure Maker For Word Online

Professional, Attractively Laid Out Digital Brochure Maker

Despite digital technology where individuals as well as businesses are all dependent on social media, nothing can still beat the marketing conversion that brochures bring for a company. Brochures still play a crucial role in marketing directly to its potential customers and advertising the company and how it benefits the public.

Family Emergency Plan Template For Excel Online

Family Emergency Plan for Disasters and Emergencies

Preparing for an emergency or a disaster involves creating a plan for yourself and your family. Non-profit organizations, especially Red Cross, encourage families to meet to create emergency plans and discuss how to prepare and respond to any emergency or disaster. The government also does its part in informing families of ways to prepare for …

Use Microsoft Office Templates From A Browser With Office Online

A while back Microsoft launched the Office Online service which enabled users to login with a Microsoft account to use the basic features of major MS Office Apps from within an internet browser. This service was meant to perhaps counter the growing popularity of Google Drive, as users with a Microsoft account could use famous …

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