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A menu is crucial to a restaurant‘s marketing plan. Not only does it inform customers what you have to offer and how much each item costs but it also represents the restaurant’s brand. An effective menu is also key to your pricing and profitability. In this post we will show you some of the best menu maker templates that you can use for your own restaurant, hotel, fast food, party or catering service.

menu maker templates for word

Enticing Christmas Themed Menu

For restaurants that offer a wide range of courses and have special menus for various seasons, this template may be exactly what you need. This Christmas Themed Poinsettia Menu Template is an elegant and festive menu template perfect for Christmas specials. It contains a border of poinsettia flowers, which signify the holiday season, on the top and bottom of the menu. The template also features patterned red and green backgrounds. The slightly transparent overlay allows you to clearly type in your menu offerings in clean, bold fonts.

This template allows you to type in five to more items with adequate space for descriptions, and is perfect for five-course meals. You can use this for your restaurant or bistro. You can also use this template at home or in your company’s holiday celebrations, when you will be hosting an elegant holiday dinner.

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Elegantly Festive Holiday-Themed Menu Template

Elegant Menu for Parties and Restaurants

This template is a Word Online template that is elegantly designed to serve as a menu in formal events, elegant dinners, and also five-star restaurants. This Menu Template for Word Online is designed to be understated yet sophisticated. This template contains clear, vivid sample photos of food and produce that you can exchange for your own dishes. The layout also allows you to easily type in your menu items with descriptions below. This free menu template is  printer-friendly and can be accessed conveniently through OneDrive.

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Clean, Elegant and Beautiful Restaurant Menu

Menus for Any Type of Service or Event

This is a rather generic, yet standard template for making menus for any type of event or service, be it catering, a hotel, restaurant or fast food. You can create menus by simply adding text to the template and even customize the design to suit your needs.

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party menu template for word

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