Business Project Timeline Template For Word Online

In business, there are certain tasks or deliverables that are time-bound. Even harder are those that are on strict deadlines. In areas such as project management, a critical step is dependent on the accomplishment of another critical step. These instances make the saying “Time is money” very true. At times, a project can only be considered successful if it has been completed within the timeframe.

Clean and Professional Design of a Business Project Timeline

Create Business Timelines from Within an Internet Browser

If you are one of those who are assigned a project, need to manage one, or merely wants to be proactive and get things done on time, then you will find this template very useful. The Business Project Timeline Template for Word Online is a specially designed template for project management tasks which need to be done within specific time frame.

The Business Project Timeline Template for Word Online opens on your browser so you can easily access, modify, and save it even when you’re on the go. You can access it through your Windows Live account and save your document to your OneDrive, a cloud storage by Windows.

Comprehensive Business Project Timeline for Time-Sensitive Tasks

Through this template, you can create official and professional-looking timelines of your work tasks and deliverables, especially for crucially time-bound projects. This will let you get on top of your project and even show that you are updated of your project’s progress.

This business project timeline template is designed to be minimalistic yet highly functional. The text and overall design of the template is captivating and clear enough to get your message across, as well as tell your story through the timeline.

Conveniently Customize the Template for Your Own Preference

This timeline can show your project’s progress, milestones, difficulties, and serve as an informal monthly report. All you have to do is to click on the text placeholder, or sample text, and type in your own details. You can also choose your own theme, design, text formatting and other customization options to personalize your own timeline according to your preferences or company colors.

Post Update: Unfortunately, this template is no longer available, you can download this alternative template instead:

Go to Download Business Project Timeline Template for Word 2013 (Alternative Project Timeline Template)

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