Grocery List and Price Comparison Template For Excel Online

Having a grocery list can ensure that you do not forget anything and make an extra, unplanned, and otherwise unnecessary trip back to the supermarket if in case you forget anything. A grocery list that comes with a budget can also help you avoid overspending. Having a grocery list therefore ensures that you have everything you need and you are within your household budget.  It can also be helpful in meal planning for your family.

Beautiful Grocery List and Price Comparison Template

Create Household Grocery Lists

The Grocery List and Price Comparison Template for Excel Online is an online template that you can use for your household or for yourself. This Excel Online template can be accessed right on your computer or even mobile devices and are also printer-friendly. The template is even designed with colorful pictures of produce that is very useful for grocery lists.

This Grocery List and Price Comparison Template lets you list down what you need to buy for your groceries and categorizes them. This template allows you to also list each grocery item with the store where you usually but them, as well as the quantity that you need to purchase. You can also list down the price of each grocery unit and get a total price for each item. The design is also suitable to embed in PowerPoint presentations.

Check Off Grocery Items Already Purchased and Compare Prices

Keep Track of Items to Buy and Your Grocery Stock at Home

This template is a very useful template for those who buy different grocery items in different locations. For example, you buy dry goods and frozen goods from your supermarket while your vegetables, fruits, and other produce are from the farmers’ or local market. This template allows you to see how much you have spent on each location and store, as well as the total you have spent on all your groceries.

This template also lets you keep track of the items that you have already bought because you can cross out the purchased items. Those that need to be bought are clearly displayed so you will not forget anything.

See Totals Per Category of Your Grocery Items

This template is also especially useful if you are planning to have a party and you want to be sure you have everything you need for that special dinner celebration with your guests.

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