Free Gas Mileage Tracker For Excel Online

With gas prices going up and staying up, it pays to be practical with your spending, and especially save on gas whenever you can. Many suggest carpools or planning your trips beforehand so you can save and stay within your budget. Another trick is to keep tabs on your gas mileage and know how much you are spending on each trip. Below is a wonderful template that you can access on Excel Online on your mobile devices. 

Track Your Gas Mileage

The Free Gas Mileage Tracker for Excel Online allows you to log your vehicle’s mileage and gas expenses and calculate the figures for you automatically with its built-in formula. This template can be used for personal or even business gas mileage tracking. This is especially useful for those who own multiple cars or are in the car rental and other vehicle-related businesses.

Keep Track of Your Gas Mileage Using This Excel Online Template

Calculate Fuel Costs

You can simply input the date of your trip, your trip meter reading, total gallons, total fuel cost, cost per gallon, miles per gallon and cost per mile. This information can give you a good and reliable record of your trip expenses and gas costs. This also allows you to keep track of the gas price movement through time and allow you to plan trips on times when gas prices are expected to be low.

Plan Trips and Keep Track of Mileage to Save on Travel Expenses

This Excel Online template conveniently displays averages on the topmost part of the worksheet, in big text so you can easily see a summary of your gas mileage and trips. The heading of the Excel template also contains a trip estimator tool which allows you to easily calculate how much a trip can cost you, whether you are going to work or going on a cross-country vacation.

Builtin Formula to Complete Your Mileage Tracker in Minutes

This template is designed to look professional, clean and clear. With its design, you can easily copy and paste it or embed it on a PowerPoint presentation, or print it as an impressive report.

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