Lawn & Garden Expense Template For Excel

If you are a garden hobbyist or a professional landscaper, then you know that creating a beautiful lawn and garden as well as maintaining it can cost a lot. From the simple pots to the plants as well as the landscape design itself can add up to a lot to your budget so it is best to keep tabs on your spending to ensure that you are within your budget.


The Lawn & Garden Expense Template for Excel is a colorful template for lawn and garden expense tracking and recording. This free Excel template makes it easy for you to categorize your expenses as well as keep track of your yearly costs.

The template is very comprehensive, allowing you to group together your expenses for gardening equipment, garden care, garden plants and seeding plans, and many more. Each of these major garden expense categories are divided into different color-coded tables.

Each expense item that go into Gardening Equipment table is recorded according to Item, Maker or Supplier, Quantity, Cost/Tool, and Cost/Year. The table for Garden Care is divided into Lawn Care, Plant and Bed Care, and Shrubs and Tree Care. Here, the columns are divided into Item, Company or Service, Times/Month, and Cost/Year.


The third table is for Garden Plants and Seeding Plan. This contains a list of all the plants, trees, shrubs, and seedlings that you have planted in your garden. This also allows you to list your supplier for reference. And to help you rotate your crops, you can schedule when to plant each crop, tree or seedling. You can also record here the Quantity, Cost/Item, and Cost/Year.

All the costs are automatically calculated to give you an accurate total in each table. All these are then collated into one Summary Table, on the top right portion of the template. Here, you can see the Grand Total for this Year in big bold text as well as the breakdown of the total costs by area or category.


A Cost Pie Chart is also created, which automatically updates as you fill out your lawn and garden expense template.

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