Beautiful Ocean PowerPoint Template

The ocean inspires calmness, serenity, and relaxation. That’s why many people gravitate towards the ocean to de-stress and find tranquility. So if you want to create presentations that will pleasantly draw your audience’s attention, you can use this following presentation template.


The Beautiful Ocean PowerPoint Template is a free template that channels the beauty and tranquility of the ocean in its slides. This template is free to download and is general purpose, so you can use it for work, school, personal, or organizational use. Whether you want to create an event presentation or a quarterly financial report, this template is your go-to-template.

Nature-Inspired Template

This beautiful ocean template features a beautiful blue ripple effect background resembling the ocean. The sky above is the same shade of blue, with subtle clouds, and the two meet in the middle of the slide, only separated by a thing bright yellow line effect that symbolizes the horizon.

This same look pervades throughout the rest of the presentation template, making your slideshow look pleasing to the eyes yet interesting and cohesive. This means that however you want your slides to look and whatever object you include, you can be sure that your presentation will always look great.


Pleasing Rippling Ocean Effect

The five sample slides begin with a title slide. The inside slides, meanwhile, contain various layouts that give you a preview of how your own presentation would look like. You can also choose additional slide layouts depending on your presentation needs and content. You can do this by clicking on New Slide and choosing from a variety of layout options. You can delete, duplicate and rearrange the slides depending on how you want your presentation to look.


Tip: You can upload your template to your OneDrive so you can easily access it anytime you need a beautiful, nature-inspired presentation. You can also upload to OneDrive your completed presentation and share it to your colleagues, classmates, family, managers, and audience.

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