Earth Day Event Template For Word

Earth Day is a global event which is celebrated each year on 22nd April. This is an event where people come together from all walks of life to show their support for the sake of environmental awareness and protection. Many countries celebrate Earth Day and there are many activities held in relation to this event.


Make Earth Day a Little More Special

If you are part of any organization that especially advocates environmental protection, you may also actively take part in Earth Day events. If you are looking for posters that will allow you to promote your event and encourage people to take part in your cause, you can use this Earth Day Event Template for Word.

This Earth Day Event Template for Word is a free template that you can use anytime, even every year, during Earth Day. It is especially designed for Earth Day and easily allows you to create eye-catching posters or flyers.

The event template is designed in MS Word, so the text and images are easy to edit. There are sample slides with text that will give you a good idea of how your own flyer will look, as well as guide you as you fill your own flyer with information. This nature-themed background has a serene painting of a lake, trees, and the mountains below. You can change this image with your own.


Create Eye-Catching Event Flyers

The sample text has big bold styles that make it easily readable. The event template allows you to type your event title, event description, and event details such as date, time, address, and sponsors. There’s also enough space for you to add your company logo as well as sponsor’s logo, especially if you’re holding big events.

Customization is also easy. You can change the font styles to make it more modern or minimalist, depending on your preference. You can also format the picture, add corrections, or even add artistic effects to make whatever look you want for your event.


You can have this template handy anytime you need it by storing it to your OneDrive account. This way, you can access, edit, and even print your Earth Day event poster or flyer anytime even when you are on the go.

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