Survey Report : Conduct Surveys To Find Out What Co-Workers Really Think About You

Ever wanted to know what your colleagues really thought about you? Why not conduct an anonymous survey? Survey Report is a web service that uses the LinkedIn platform to gather anonymous feedback from your professional contacts using surveys. Survey Report provides you with an innovative new way of finding out what your colleagues might think about you, including the things that they would normally not say on your face. With the help of Survey Report you can identify certain aspects of your professional career which you may need to work on. The reports presented by this service are like charts from PowerPoint presentation slides, which are made up of the anonymous response of your co-workers.

To get started, go to the Survey Report website, login to your LinkedIn account and grant access to your contacts.

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You may also have to import some contacts to send them a survey. The instructions for extracting your contacts will be given on the pop-up menu. During the survey you can invite your co-workers, old colleagues, business partners and people you might have to deal with you on a professional basis. It is worth mentioning here that the survey should be taken by at least 30 people to make it statistically valid. In case you wish to invite more people, you can also use the additional invite feature by manually importing contacts (as mentioned earlier) and sending co-workers a direct link to get a better response for your survey.

Import Contacts

After you have imported your contacts, you can select which contacts to invite for a personal survey and send co-workers a custom message to inform them of the anonymous survey that you are sending them. Survey Report provides a basic 360° Peer Evaluation survey to your contacts based on 8 questions. This survey measures what your colleagues think about you professionally and in terms of your career prospects. This leaves enough room for addressing grievances and to blow out some steam to  explain what aspects one might dislike about your personality or the way you handle things on a professional basis.

Send Survey Request

Once you have invited your contacts, the rest of the process is pretty much automated. It might take up to 1 week for you to receive a detailed report, showing the data from your survey.


For more details about the utility of this service,  refer to the video given below.

Survey Report allows free account holders to view a maximum of 5 responses only, while PRO users can view all responses. The Pro version of Survey Report costs $7.95 per month and the account holder is billed annually at $95 per year. Pro users can also select other surveys to measure performance in numerous areas of professional importance.

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