Customer Service Template For Word

Customer Service is important for every business establishment dealing with customers, whether by selling products or services to them. This is because when you sell products or services to customers, their perception of your offerings and your brand must be positive so you can always expect positive feedback, return business, as well as loyalty.

Customer service template for Word

In order for you to gauge customer service and see how your customers find your products or services as well as how well your staff interacts with them, you would need to conduct a reliable survey. The Customer Service Template for Word is a customer service survey form that you can use to see how well your customers like your products or services. It can also help you quantify customer satisfaction about your brand and company as a whole.

Know What Your Customers Want

Using this Customer Service Template for Word can greatly help you pinpoint the good things that your company is doing as well as see other customer service aspects you can improve on. You can find out where you lack in terms of customer service and find ways to address this.

Add company name

This template is downloadable for free and can be used by any company, whether you are selling products or services. It is also compatible with most Word versions, and can be sent via email, uploaded on the cloud via OneDrive, or printed to be given out personally in your store outlets.

It features a one-page survey form that uses eye-catching and straightforward layout and wordings so that customers can easily answer each item. There are tick boxes for customers’ to choose their answers from.

Get To Know Your Customers Too

The survey is categorized into various aspects of business operations, namely Product Quality and Service and Environment. There is also adequate space provided for customers to write their own comments.

Free survey form template for word

There is also a section for companies to get to know their customers better, the ‘About You’ section. This allows customers to write their Name, Address, Phone, and Email. Below this is also a space asking customers if they can be added to the company’s mailing list for news and promotion offers. Here, customers can opt-in or opt-out.

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