Free Basic Resignation Letter Template For Word

Modify the Template to Easily Personalize it

You may be leaving your company for whatever reason. Still, it is important to write a good resignation letter for a variety of reasons. First, you may need to make your employer a reference in your next job. Your resignation letter is also going to be part of your employment file so you need to …

Free Authorization Letter Template For Release Of Medical Records

Free Medical Template

As a patient, you are entitled to processes to allow you to access, review, comment, and make amendments to your medical records as your nurse can help you with this upon request. Many hospitals also provide authorization letters to allow for the release of your medical records.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Writing A Business Recommendation Letter

As with the growing competition, the job market is getting tougher for the applicants. A recommendation letter can be a helpful source for the applicant who is waiting for his turn to be the next employee of a reputed organization. If you carry a good letter of recommendation in your hand then it will surely …

Employee’s Resignation Acknowledgment Template For Word

If you are a business owner, managing personnel or work in human resources, you know that sooner or later, there will be employees who will resign for a variety of reasons. Resignation letters are inevitable. As resignation letters are brief, straightforward and sincere, letters to acknowledge an employee’s resignation should be the same. This Employee’s …