Free Basic Resignation Letter Template For Word

You may be leaving your company for whatever reason. Still, it is important to write a good resignation letter for a variety of reasons. First, you may need to make your employer a reference in your next job. Your resignation letter is also going to be part of your employment file so you need to write it accordingly and professionally. 

Office Portal Offers Basic Resignation Letter

Microsoft Office offers many types of resignation letter templates. You can go to or you can also search for templates on your Microsoft Word application by going to the File Menu, choosing New and searching for basic resignation letter, which we will be reviewing in this article.

Free and Professional

The Free Basic Resignation Letter Template for Word is written to be professional. It shows the basic parts of a letter, especially of a business correspondence. It shows the header with your name, address and date of the letter. It also shows the Recipient’s Name, Title, Company Name and Address.

Simply Insert Your Information to Complete the Letter

The body of the letter is written to be brief, concise, and still professional and amiable. It states the reason for resignation and your willingness to discuss reassignment or endorsement of your tasks. It also ends the letter with courtesy.

Customizable and User-Friendly

This Free Basic Resignation Letter Template for Word is a standard and basic resignation letter. However, it can still be customized to suit your preferences or your situation, whatever you feel you need to tell to your employer.

Modify the Template to Easily Personalize it

Another benefit of this Free Basic Resignation Letter Template is that since it is a basic template, it can be used as it is or it can be further modified to make it more personal, like mention your reassignments or endorsements, your accomplishments, or offer flexible end dates. This basic template allows you enough freedom to customize.

Go to Download this Free Basic Resignation Letter Template for Word

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