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Government officials cannot do their job well without the support of the citizens which they are elected to serve. Nevertheless, on the part of the citizens, it helps to express your cooperation and support to critical projects, groundbreaking plans, and even simple activities that you know would greatly benefit your community or country. 

Easily Compose a Support Letter to Your Local Official

The Letter of Support Template for Word can help you get started on the right track of creating a well-written letter of support that you can address to your local officials. This letter of support template is a Word 2013 template that also has compatibility with earlier versions.

This template is simple and easy to use, much like an ordinary business letter which contains an inside address, salutation, body, and many more. To be specific, this one-page template starts with a heading, which is typically your name and address, as well as the date when the letter is written. It is followed by the inside address, which is the Name, Title, Organization Name and Address of the person receiving the letter, which in this case is a public and local official.

Write a Formal Letter of Support to Back Your Local Official's Plans and Decisions

It is followed by a short and formal greeting and the body of the letter. Here, you can tell your recipient how long you have been living in the area where the recipient has been holding office. You can also show here, in a professional and straightforward manner, the plan, action or decision that you are supporting. You can even list down your reasons for your support and how you believe the action, plan or decision will affect the whole community. This gives your public official an idea of how his leadership and decision-making affects his constituents. The template ends with a complimentary close and your signature.

All throughout the template, there are placeholders that you can edit to type in your information as indicated in the labels.

Customize Your Template to Suit Your Own Preference

The body of the template itself serves as a guide on how you should formulate your own support letter, especially when it comes to the information that you should include to make it appropriate, informative, and effective.

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