Employee’s Resignation Acknowledgment Template For Word

If you are a business owner, managing personnel or work in human resources, you know that sooner or later, there will be employees who will resign for a variety of reasons. Resignation letters are inevitable. As resignation letters are brief, straightforward and sincere, letters to acknowledge an employee’s resignation should be the same. This Employee’s Resignation Template For Word is a helpful tool to help you compose a good quality acknowledgement letter.

Employee’s Resignation Template For Word

The Employee’s Resignation Template for Microsoft Word is a letter acknowledging an employee’s resignation and to confirm their last work date and final details.

This free template for Word is a standard template that can be modified to suit any company’s needs and information. Just like any standard business letter, the Employee’s Resignation Template for Word contains the address of the sender, which is the employer or human resource personnel; the date when the letter was written; the inside address, which contains the recipient or the resigning employee’s address; the salutation; body of the letter, which contains confirmation of the resignation date and details regarding the final paycheck, other paperwork that need to be accomplished, exit interview, and surrendering of company property; and the closing remarks and sender’s name and title.

Employees Resignation Acknowledgment Template For Word

The format of this template follows the standard format of any business correspondence and the information is almost there already. You just need to fill out the data that is asked in the template, which is in enclosed in square brackets. Hence, you can avoid creating an employee’s resignation acknowledgement letter from scratch and use this free template with minor modifications to keep a standard format for your organization to acknowledge resignation letters. You can also use various other Word Templates to create other types of standard organizational letters.

The Employee’s Resignation Template for Word can be downloaded for free.

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