Free Authorization Letter Template For Release Of Medical Records

As a patient, you are entitled to processes to allow you to access, review, comment, and make amendments to your medical records as your nurse can help you with this upon request. Many hospitals also provide authorization letters to allow for the release of your medical records.

Free Medical Template

Aside from personal and business templates, the Microsoft Office portal also provides many medical templates. The Free Authorization Letter Template for Release of Medical Records is a useful and reliable template you can use to authorize the release of your private medical records to another physician or organization.

This Free Authorization Letter Template for Release of Medical Records gives another medical entity or organization access your medical records from your current hospital or physician. This free medical template is a standard authorization template with all the pertinent information necessary to stand as a legal document.

Just Fill Out the Needed Information to Complete the Authorization Letter

This Free Authorization Letter Template is professionally written to include important information to allow the release of very private data. It contains your name and address, as the patient, as well as the name of the physician or hospital holding the medical records. It also states the patient’s Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Medical Condition, and dates covered by the medical records or treatment.┬áThe free letter template for Word also states the patient’s offer to pay for copying costs.

Professionally Written Authorization Letter

What is remarkable about this template is that it is well-written and professional, containing all the relevant information without being too wordy and unnecessarily personal.

You can use this Free Authorization Letter Template if you need to get a personal copy of your medical records, if you are to have treatment to a different hospital or doctor, or in cases when your health management organization (HMO) needs your records for reference. It is good to have such a template handy for when a need to get a copy of your medical records shall arise.

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