Personal Letterhead Template For Word

Even in our digital age, communicating still needs to have a personal touch, whether in business or in day-to-day correspondences. For this, a personal letterhead is not only applicable but also very necessary. If you are in the market for a professional letterhead, you can use this Personal Letterhead Template for Word.

Letterhead template for Word

This Personal Letterhead Template for Word is a beautiful, elegant, and simple template that you can use for writing personal or business letters. This template is easy to customize and use because there are placeholders and auto text boxes that can guide you as you go and create your own stationery.

With this letterhead template, you can simply write your name and contact information in the auto-text boxes marked in various parts of the document. The template features various styles for the Name, Date, Contact Information,  Closing, and other letter parts to make your own correspondence formal, professional, and yet still elegant. If for your business, you can also replace the bird image with your company logo to further customize your letterhead.

Personal letterhead template for Word

The template provides a sample letter that you can use for your own. Simply edit or modify the contents to make it your own. The letter sample is standard and can suit many types of letters, such as proposal, solicitation, excuse, and even cover letter.

To further customize this template, you can also change the letter style to suit your own personal preferences or company branding.


What is great about this template is that it is cloud-based through Microsoft Online. This means you can access and use this template anytime through any device, as long as you login to your OneDrive account on your browser. This also makes it easy for you to send out your letters electronically. What’s more, you can also easily share and collaborate on in with members of your organization, department, or even your whole company.

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