Animated Heavy Traffic PowerPoint Template

Animated Oncoming Traffic PowerPoint Template is a video background template which starts off with a video loop of vehicles passing on a freeway.

Animated Freight Truck PowerPoint Template

What better theme to use for a presentation about transport, logistic and cargo than a freight truck? The Animated Semi Freight Truck Driving PowerPoint Template depicts animations of a freight truck alongside placeholders for adding your own content. The templates not all text based and has various layouts with PowerPoint Charts, picture slides, stick figure …

Animated Flow Chart Diagram PowerPoint Template

Flowcharts represent a process with the aid of symbols and arrows; each of which has a specific meaning. We previously brought you an Ultimate Guide to Making Flowcharts, which provided a range of details and tips for making flow charts. If you want a simple template for making flowcharts in PowerPoint then we have exactly …

Animated World Grid PowerPoint Template

We have previously reviewed a number of globe and earth themed animated templates like the World Communication PowerPoint Template and Solar System PowerPoint Template. World Grid PowerPoint Template contains a video background of the Earth rotating on its axis, with the sun and stars in the backdrop.

Global Stance Business PowerPoint Template

Global Stance PowerPoint Template by Presenter Media is an all-in-one presentation template which is perfect for making business presentations.

Animated Eclipse PowerPoint Templates

For making presentations related to astronomy, subjects related to hard sciences or to depict an eclipse to present a topic metaphorically, you can use these Animated Eclipse PowerPoint Templates.

Animated Office & Schoolwork PowerPoint Template

The Animated Office & Schoolwork PowerPoint Template depicts corkboard slide layouts with an animation of a jumping push pin. The slides present different corkboard slide designs with placeholders in fonts which seem more close to real-life text written using a ballpen or marker.

Animated World Communication PowerPoint Template

The Animated World Communication PowerPoint Template is an animation laden presentation template by Presenter Media which provides slides with communication themed content. The template starts off with a slide that shows different forms of communication in the form of a video background.

Animated Tug Of War PowerPoint Template

Tug of war is an interesting concept that can be used for presenting different types of topics ranging from business to sports and even politics. If you need to present a tug of war symbolically in your slides, then the Animated Hold your Ground PowerPoint Template is an excellent presentation template for making an impact …