Animated Infographics Template For PowerPoint

Infographic Box is a PowerPoint Template with animations and a modern design for making vibrant presentations. As this template comes with generic slide designs, you can mould the given animations for virtually any topic which may come to mind.

Create PowerPoint Presentations And Infographics

Other than presentations, you can also use this template for generating infographics with the help of editable animated slides and the given clipart images. Another use for this template can also include creating infographic style slides, which can help you in presenting your topic in a unique manner.

Infographics PowerPoint Template

Easy To Customize

This template is quite easy to customize and the given objects can be easily removed or copied to new or existing slides. To customize animated slides, simply add your text and images. Each sample slide comes labeled as animated or static, to help users differentiate which slides may be used for making animated content. Furthermore, most slides also provide a small (removable) menu with instructions regarding slide customization.

Edit Infographics Template for PowerPoint

Slides For Making Your Own Infographic Timelines, Agenda Slides And More

The slide designs are quite diverse and you can create anything from conventional slides to infographic based slides; e.g. infographic timelines, infographic agenda slides and the like. For example, the below image shows a sample slide which can be used for making timelines or some other type of sequential slide.

Infographic Timeline

Customizable Infographic Icon Library

The template provides two comprehensive slides with infographic icons which can be good enough for making presentations on a plethora of topics. These library icons include images related to business, technology, education, sports, shopping, environment, etc. You can even change the icon colors by using right-click menu (and going to Format Shape).

Infographic Icon Library

The Infographics Box PowerPoint Template works with the following versions of PowerPoint:

  • PowerPoint 2003 For PC (PPT)
  • PowerPoint 2007-2013 For PC (PPTX)
  • PowerPoint 2008-2011 For Mac (PPTX)

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