Animated Tug Of War PowerPoint Template

Tug of war is an interesting concept that can be used for presenting different types of topics ranging from business to sports and even politics. If you need to present a tug of war symbolically in your slides, then the Animated Hold your Ground PowerPoint Template is an excellent presentation template for making an impact on your audience.

Animated Hold Your Ground Template for PowerPoint

The template starts with an animation of four white stick figures against a red figure, engaged in a tug of war. This slide has placeholders for adding a logo, title and sub-title to introduce your presentation topic.

Animated tug of war PowerPoint template

You can find instructions for customizing your slides in some of the slides of this template which offer tips for switching between static and animated layouts and compatibility for the template. There are various layouts that you can choose from, ranging from a single picture layout, to chart slides, table slides, two and three picture layouts and more.

Animated content page

For example, you can use the agenda summary layout given below to set goals or present meeting agendas in a summarized manner.

Agenda layout with tug of war image

There is also stick figure clipart that provides tug of war related images that you can resize and use across your slides according to need.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Hold Your Ground Template for PowerPoint (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Hold Your Ground Template for PowerPoint (Widescreen)

Tug of war icons and images

Tug of War Clipart

This is a clipart image downloadable in static format as a PNG or JPG file. The image shows two stick figures engaged in tug of war. You can also customize the colors of the clipart from the Presenter media website before downloading it in a desired image format.

Go to Presenter Media – Tug of War Clipart

One on one competition clipart

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