Animated Falling Leaves PowerPoint Template

Last updated on October 4th, 2023

Fall is often considered as dull but the fact is that it’s far from anything as gloomy as one might think. In fact, many people feel exhilarated with the scenic beauty of falling leaves, a walk among which can be quite refreshing. Sometimes you need to set the mood of your audience the same way, i.e. by using imagery which may resonate with your topic and the atmosphere.

Animated Falling Leaves PowerPoint Template

The Animated Falling Leaves PowerPoint Template comes with elegant animations depicting the various colors of Autumn. You can use this template for any topic that comes to mind, be it something related to events tied to fall celebrations, (such as Thanksgiving) or a presentation about expected improvements in a business venture, where the old falling leaves can be presented as making way for a more Rosy future.

Animated falling leaves PowerPoint template

Customizable Falling Leaves Animations

This customizable PowerPoint template starts off with an animation of falling leaves, with placeholders for adding your own title and sub-title. Like all customizable slides in this template, the opening slide too allows adding your own text boxes and images, which automatically play with the existing animations in the template, once you switch to Slide Show mode.

Elegant Autumn slide designs

Elegant Fall Themed Slide Designs

The following slides also provide animated slides which reveal abstract Autumn themed patterns and falling leaves. These slides are multi-purpose and can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you need to create a text heavy slide or require creating a comparison slide, the sample slides in this template can help you get the job done easily.

Falling leaves presentation template

Wide Variety of Slide Layouts in PowerPoint

The below screenshot shows a slide that can be easily used for making comparisons between two sub-topics.

Falling leaves comparison slide - Wide Variety of Slide Layouts in PowerPoint

Similarly, the slide shown below can be used for making a doughnut chart. There are also other chart slides in this template which allow making other types of charts with the aid of leave themed imagery.

The Animated Falling Leaves Template is available in Standard and Widescreen editions for both PowerPoint and Keynote, including the versions mentioned below:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint (Windows and Mac)
  • Apple’s Keynote (iOS and Mac)
Autumn leave chart slide for PowerPoint

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Falling Leaves Presentation Template

Animated Clipart of Three Jumping Brown Leaves

This animated clipart can be downloaded as a GIF animation to include in your presentations. The animation depicts three leaves jumping in the air.

Three jumping leaves animated clipart
Example of Animated Autumn Leaves in PowerPoint

You can also download it as a video file for SWF (Flash) or Apple’s MOV format. You can use this animation not only in presentations but also for your blog posts, website banners, etc.

Go to Presenter Media – Three Brown Leaves Jumping (Animated Clipart)

Falling leaves animation

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